What We Do

Elsa’s Ark is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit animal rescue organization headquartered in East Hampton, NY.

Our mission is to protect and provide care for abandoned, infirm, and injured domestic and farm animals. We take special care of those deemed “not adoptable” due to age, health or temperament. We feed and care for hungry feral animals. We provide low or no-cost spay and neuter services. We assist low income families in caring for their animals.

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to help us rescue hungry, injured, and sick animals, please donate via Paypal below. It is 100% secure:

We rescue animals in need and place them in foster homes with the goal to rehabilitate them and place them in loving homes. While sheltered, animals are vet checked, given shots, spayed or neutered, and rehabilitated through love and training prior to adoption. We accept animals that would have been euthanized and will accept animals rejected from other shelters. We reject euthanasia as a method of eliminating overpopulation. In cases where an animal's quality of life is totally compromised, we will exhaust all life-saving measures before we will consider euthanasia. We are working to bring the Hamptons into the no kill movement by placing the animals we rescue in good homes.

In an effort to reduce the number of unwanted animals, we spay and neuter every animal which comes into our care or to our attention. We do so at our own cost. We also maintain a program whereby we assist people with feral animals on their property. We assist homeowners to trap the animal, have the animal spayed/neutered at our own expense, and then returned to the homeowner if they wish to keep the animal on their property. We also provide supplies for the care and maintenance of those animals going forward, supplies such as cages, water, food, feral cat houses, heated water bowls, straw for insulation, feeding stations, and humane traps.

We provide foster homes that have been thoroughly screened on a short-term or permanent basis. We are committed to the animals we rescue, thus foster animals may be returned to Elsa's Ark at any time. We do not have a shelter at this time.

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